MP3: New Hands – Tulips

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Last night, I watched what had to be the most absolutely gut wrenching loss of the season for the Washington Capitals. Here I am, jazzed (yet nervous), and Joel Ward draws a four minute major penalty with 21 seconds remaining. All the Caps have to do is keep the Rangers out of the net in a 6 vs 4 matchup for 21 seconds (ie: win the faceoff!) and they go back home with a chance to close out the series.

Instead, we give up a goal with 6 seconds remaining…then another on the second half of Ward’s penalty in overtime and lose. And now we are under the gun heading back home to DC. I think this season just sang it’s swan note for my Caps.

It’s a good thing I had plenty to be grateful for yesterday (my second son being born!), otherwise, I might’ve went into a catatonic state…or a murderous rampage. Who knows?

So I go sift through the inbox last night to find something to listen to in order to take my mind off the loss. My sons are asleep, the wife is asleep. Work can commence! What do I find? Aha! It’s those dudes New Hands, back with the first new single off their upcoming debut.

The track is “Tulips”. The band says it’s named thus “because it’s a universal sign of renewal, a chance to build on past achievements.” With the events of yesterday fresh in my mind – a healthy baby boy born, a Caps season likely lost – I can dig the sentiment, no? But enough of this hockey talk…what’s this track sound like?!

It’s somber, yet very engaging. Again, as I stated when reviewing New Hands previous single “This I’ve Heard”, Spence Newell’s vocals are tailor made for this band and this sound. The rhythm plays on in a somewhat ironic manner; parts of the instrumentation almost seems like it wants to leap from the track and bust out into shameless bedroom mirror dancing, while the band always seems to have a firm hand on exactly what they want to draw out of the electronics.

New Hands should be on your radar. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Hit these guys up on Facebook if you like what you hear. Likes are the currency of the digital age, amigos.

MP3: New Hands – Tulips

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