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Nacosta are back with “No Fly”, their third single in three months and to my knowledge the final release in their single series. You’re immediately hit with some very bright guitar work and a nice bit of harmony…in the time since I reviewed Nacosta’s last single it’s kind of struck me how much inspiration they seem to have drawn from the Beatles and Beatles-esque pop. Their music features a newer version of those classic vocal styles, which makes Nacosta feel familiar and comfortable in my headphones. Add in the psychedelic mix of sounds they are known for, and you’ve really got something interesting.

“No Fly” comes clocking in at nearly 7 minutes, which is a pretty long track by any standard. It lacks the immediate gravitas found in “Paradise Cough” due to missing the easily accessible chorus you found in that previous effort. This newest single does double work, however, making things up on the back end with it’s psych-rock beauty and those soothing harmonies. Here vocalist Brandon Graham eases your mind instead of lifting your voice. The ringing guitars and noise that dot sections of the final third of this track are magnificent; frankly I could listen to the rise and fall of those sounds and nothing else and still consider this track a success. The first two thirds are simply bonus.

Nacosta are heading out on tour this month and will be at SXSW as well. The dates are below:

03.09.13 Long Wong’s, Tempe, AZ
03.10.13 Gallery 127, El Paso, TX
03.14.13 Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX
03.15.13 Pearl St. House, Austin, TX
03.15.13 House of Commons, Austin, TX
03.16.13 RedGorilla Music Fest Showcase – HandleBar, Austin, TX
03.18.13 J & J’s, Denton, TX
03.19.13 Kirby’s Beer Store, Wichita, KS
03.20.13 The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
03.21.13 Soundpony Lounge, Tulsa, OK
03.23.13 O’Shaugnessy Performance Space, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, Santa Fe, NM

WHAT I AM ISN’T GONNA CHANGE BUT…I love me anyway. And I love what I’ve heard thus far from Nacosta. This track is definitely not my favorite Nacosta track – I’m too geared towards loving the big hook, unfortunately – but it possesses an excellent sound and those of you with more cultured musical tastes will most assuredly fall in love.

You can stream it below, or download it for free right here on their Bandcamp.

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