MP3: MVSCLES – Sweet n Sour

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MVSCLES could be the name of the next dubstep mixtape, or it could be the name of a Boston based duo that combines samples, sickly sweet pop harmonies, and some killer summer sounds to create the incredibly lovable “Sweet n Sour”.

“Sweet n Sour” begins like a youngsters hip-hop jam with over-emphatic-yet-somewhat comical “WOO! WOO!” vocals. The only thing giving away what the song truly encompasses is the Nintendo sounds coming through your speaker. The sounds aren’t exactly 8-bit, but they really put me in that mind. The production has a breezy quality, and while the sound could easily become repetitive the duo absolutely maximize it’s potential.

Along with the woo’s and the sampled vox, Chad Montermini and Cat Paternostro create a nice niche for themselves with their harmonizing vocals really creating the sweet in this track; they lie somewhere between a breathless whisper and a lullaby and I found myself singing along pretty quickly.

Definitely the most summer-laden track of the month.

MVSCLES can be found on bandcamp and Facebook.

MP3: MVSCLES – Sweet n Sour

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