MP3: Me And My Drummer – You’re A Runner

0 Posted by - 06/08/2012 - One Timer

I always find the best stuff unexpectedly. I wasn’t out looking for introspective (or is it analytical?!) pop gems, but last night I found Me And My Drummer’s track “You’re A Runner” and I was instantly hooked.

The tap-tap-tap of the intro along with the vocals pretty much put this thing over the top before it even gets started.

The lyrics are poignant but not over the top, in what appears to be a song about talking a person down off the ledge…it’s also interesting to note that apparently Me And My Drummer are a German outfit, making English their second language.

Gotta love those little wrinkles that unfold to make you like a track just that little bit more.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you like this, so you can head over and find these guys on Facebook.

MP3: Me And My Drummer – You’re a Runner

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