MP3: Los Angeles Police Department – Waste

0 Posted by - 02/20/2014 - One Timer

When he’s not out fighting crime, Ryan Pollie is making lo-fi punk for you to absorb and enjoy. It was a few months, but Los Angeles Police Department’s “Enough Is Enough” hit me “like a GSP headkick”. Don’t come into “Waste” expecting the same thing. Here, Pollie strips it way back, building with a slow, feedback laden intro that gives way to jangly madness and the most pop of the LAPD tracks we’ve heard yet.

Front and center this time, Mr. Pollie’s fuzzed-out, sing-song vocals fit the grimy buzz of “Waste” like a well worn pair of jeans, tight in all the right places and flattering in a subtle, casual manner. This track won’t win the good vibe awards, but it will chug along with you through a long night in your apartment or room alone.

Is it too soon to say this LAPD project is “arresting”? Yeah, I went there. Say something. Say it.

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