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Local Channel are a brand new band out of the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles…wait, hold on. This blog has been located in Knoxville, TN for it’s first 8 months. Sirens spent a year plus in the Richmond, VA area. Now, I’ve spent more than half a year in Bowling Green, KY – nestled between Nashville, Lexington, and Louisville. So where have we received the most “hand submitted” music from (ie: a member of the band sent it over directly, no PR/label/middle man)?

If you guessed Echo Park and Silver Lake, Los Angeles, you’d be on the money. I get that the number of bands who go to LA to “make it” or live there in general are astronomical compared to say, Louisville, but it’s really crazy how much actual quality comes out of that one area.

As I said, Local Channel are brand new. They are Californian, obviously. Oh, their sound? Well, LCL CHNNL combine a bit of shoegaze and good old indie rock vibes with synth to blow your mind, or at least your ears, straight into orbit. “Paths” is merely their second single in the history of, well, history. No big deal, right? I mean, really, most bands who write songs and release them have a well received debut single (“Arctic”) and then follow it up with another hit. Happens all the time…

No, it doesn’t really happen that often.

“Paths” does a good job of sneaking up on you. From the intro, I was expecting something in the indie rock vein, maybe even with a touch of folk thrown in. That’s basically what I heard until the synths kicked in heavy with the chorus. It’ll make you sit up and take notice. Those synths whir out and suddenly it’s lift off and to infinity. What appeared so predictable will quickly change your mind with this one great chorus.

The repressed verses take on a whole new life once you recognize the beauty of that slow buildup. The track makes me a little introspective…it really has a thoughtful sound laced with the specter of regret. “Paths” and “Arctic” are both part of the Boyhood Wars EP that’s due out on April 9th. It’ll be available in both digital and vinyl formats.

LOCAL CHANNEL…news, weather, and sports for your morning, afternoons and nights. Now with 100% more lovely synth and rock ‘n roll. No commercial breaks, only musical interludes.

Find Local Channel on Facebook. You can download or stream “Paths” below. As a bonus, check out “Arctic” while you’re at it.

Which one do you love more? Cause I know you love it.

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