MP3: Lilac – Go Your Own Way

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Lilacs hold a special spot in my heart. They were the favorite flower of my mother whom died when I was just shy of turning a teenager. My father planted a lilac bush at the headstone of her grave and whenever I see them or think about them it always reminds me of her.

Lilac the band is a different story altogether. Preparing to release their sophomore EP, No Exit, the lead single “Go Your Own Way” was sent out today. The description of this track arrived as an “easy-going, upbeat arrangement (that) plays in contrast to its lyrics, a sort of unimpressed duet directed at people from the past who seriously just need to move on.” They aren’t joking, either.

It starts out with this pulsing rhythm that’s really more dark night in a forest than easy-going, but the easy-going is not far behind. I am digging the dueling vocals; the female vox give this track a breezy feeling while my first encounter with the male vocals at the beginning of the track sound wholly world weary. It’s easy to forget what the song is about while listening; like the description stated, it’s a pretty sarcastic dig dolled up in summery goodness.

While the music is warm and the message is cold, it won’t stop me from going my own way to the repeat button. Beautiful lilacs also grow on the band’s Facebook.

MP3: Lilac – Go Your Own Way

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