MP3: Last American Buffalo – Break My Heart

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Smoky, soulful rockers Last American Buffalo are releasing an album tomorrow. I had no clue. Let’s not kid ourselves though, I’m pretty thrilled. These dudes released a bunch of singles earlier this year that I absolutely loved and now they released another for free as well as put out a full album?

Yes, please.

Last American Buffalo rocks like a bar band; they sound like they’ve been around, got knocked down, got back up only to be kicked out. After all that mess they were just cheeky enough to drag their asses right back in there to do it again. They don’t need to be flashy. They just sound good. That’s the message I’ve gotten from every track I’ve heard from the band, no more no less.

“Break My Heart” simmers, a fire that just won’t seem to go out no matter how much wind and rain may come. You can hear it in the throaty vocals, and the way those vocals seem strained as the song winds down acapella style.

You can download it below. Feel free to like the band on Facebook and be sure to keep an eye on their Bandcamp for the release of Here She Comes.

MP3: Last American Buffalo – Break My Heart

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