MP3: LA Font – Onshore

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onshoreIt’s been a long time since we saw LA Font’s Kickstarter where they requested help in funding their second album. It was a success, of course, and not too long ago they completed work on said album. If you are a fan like me, you probably said “Finally!” I actually believe I tweeted the guys that they made my 4th of January. Either way, the time has come for the first single to be released.  None to soon, right?

“Onshore” brings back those same LA Font sounds that you were familiar with; excellent rhythm, a sun soaked lead, and Danny Bobbe’s mildly sarcastic vocals belting out lyrics that always circle the wagon from tongue-in-cheek to highly self aware. You could definitely say that LA Font is often critical of the times we are living in and the people who live in them.

LA Font know how to deliver a hook and “Onshore” is big game fishing. It’s easy to see why it was chosen for the lead single after a single listen. It’s got an excellent bass backbone thumping throughout that will catch your attention immediately, while the gently swaying lead melds with a jangly rhythm to deliver a picture of sun soaked floating on a raft at sea. The vocals give the song a hint of desperation that never takes away from, yet contrasts so finely with the actual sound of the song that you’ll find yourself singing along like this is a happy time to be had. Consulting the lyric sheet, apparently not so much, eh? Your interpretation may vary, I suppose. (You can see the lyrics by clicking through the Soundcloud player below.)

For the finer details, I don’t have any release date for the upcoming LA Font record other than what I would assume to be “soon”. It’s a great album though and will be well worth the wait for you. Oh yeah, it’s called Diving Man. Now listen/download “Onshore” below.

DECIDED TO PAY THE PRICE NON-MONETARILY WHEN…the Kickstarter was first launched. Honestly, if you can’t get into this track I don’t know what to tell you. This is right in the Sirens wheelhouse of indie rock. One timer on the power play kind of deal.

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