MP3: Kodiak Fur – Hi Luv

0 Posted by - 08/03/2012 - One Timer

I actually got an e-mail linking me to Night Drive Miami and this track “Hi Luv”. I’ve never heard any music from anyone in this project, but this track is superb. It’s vocal-laden electronic music…the good kind. I’ve been in love with this particular brand of electro-dream-pop for a while, though it is often hard to find quality for me; at least it’s hard for me to find the the qualities I prefer!

“Hi Luv” is the type of track that can lull you into a daze just by floating around in your head. I found myself thinking about it and trying to place the words, but the more I focused on it the more ethereal the whole thing got.

Don’t you think real kodiak fur might be kinda nasty? Anyway

Want some more fun?

Watch the video below and find your way to a hobby horse near you.

MP3: Kodiak Fur – Hi Luv

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