MP3: Jimi Nxir – Thundher

0 Posted by - 08/21/2013 - One Timer

Falling asleep at the keyboard is not really on my agenda of things to do in a day. With the real world, the blog, and two kids and a wife to juggle, though, sometimes you just nod out at the wheel. It’s cool as long as you aren’t at the proverbial wheel, though I did wake up with a major stiff neck. You can file that under first world problems, meanwhile file “Thundher” under late night lonesome binge listening.

That’s what did it to me. This track (and another two or three), just whiling away in my headphones on repeat. Again and again, Jimi Nxir ethereal sounds and echoing vocals playing in my head like a remembered scene from a movie. The gentle pulse of the beat was more than I could take – swaying me down into some kind of digital coma.

I’ve never heard of this dude before, but I’m all in on this GXLD EP dropping this fall. Oh, and by the way, apparently Jimi Nxir = Jimi Noir.

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