Stream: Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

0 Posted by - 03/27/2012 - One Timer

Japandroids are back with “The House That Heaven Built” off of the upcoming Celebration Rock…let me say that again: off of the upcoming Celebration Rock.

Finally, some new Japandroids. Jesus, it’s been too long men! I need my anthemic summer garage jams back and it looks like they are gonna finally deliver that. The Japandroids website was updated yesterday with the information that Celebration Rock will be out on June 5th.

“The House That Heaven Built” is only a mild shift from the Japandroids I loved on Post Nothing. There’s a little more melody, but the sun soaked riffs and outrageous noise are still there along with the call and response shouted vocals that I’m so fond of. Listen below and prepare yourself.

You can preorder the album here. Hopefully we get to hear a few more tracks from the celebration before June.

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