MP3: Is/Is – Fire

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So Is/Is came to me in the mail box during my hiatus. I read the mail and hit the link yesterday and was pretty stoked by the sounds coming through my speakers. The track  burns deep and slow, guitars chugging and churning over the crash of the percussion like an oil fire.

The band’s Facebook page labels their genre as “witchgaze”. There’s definitely some shoegaze in there and it seems like there’s a faint hint of a cold stormy night on the rocks as the waves of the ocean pummel the shore. Maybe “witchgaze” refers to the fact that this is an all female band, or maybe it’s the fact that this jam is just seething with an undercurrent of detachment or destruction that helps “Fire” walk the amazingly fine line of a jam that’s also a gem.

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MP3: Is/Is – Fire

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