MP3: Indoor Voices – Nevers (Loud)

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So the regular duties of being the parent of a newborn and another boy under the age of two requires the instruction of said wild youth on the use of his indoor voice to avoid waking his younger brother. Unfortunately, preliminary results have been far from adequate and his father remains baffled. I’m told it’ll work itself out with time.

On the other hand, Toronto band Indoor Voices have mastered the art of fitting the mood. Their track “Nevers (Loud)” is a brooding piece of cymbal clashes and somber notes that builds in climactic fashion to a really nice payoff – I could see it in a film for sure. Not to be overlooked are the vocals, which while understated will easily put you into a very receptive trance the longer you listen.

You can grab “Nevers (Loud)” below and/or head to Indoor Voices’ bandcamp and download the entire album, Nevers, for a song and dance…or you could give ’em some hard earned dough. Also be sure to hit the band up on Facebook.

MP3: Indoor Voices – Nevers (Loud)

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