MP3: Icky Blossoms – Heat Lightning (Ghost Loft Remix)

0 Posted by - 07/18/2012 - One Timer

Ghost Loft has already delivered some smooth tracks this year; from “Blow” to “Seconds”, Danny Choi has had a spot reserved on most of the playlists I’ve created since early April.

Today, he released a remix of the Icky Blossoms track “Heat Lightning”. The track is on Icky Blossoms’ self titled release which literally dropped yesterday (you can pick it up via Saddle Creek).

After hearing Ghost Loft’s gauzy, washed out take on the track it was very strange to go back and hear the original. What I’m saying is I heard the remix before the original, which isn’t the typical way of things for me.

Icky Blossoms version of “Heat Lightning” is a stepper and a mover, the kind of track you throw on when you’ve got some energy to burn and maybe you want to dance. Contrasted with what Ghost Loft has done here with his version, and it’s a pretty interesting juxtaposition. One is like a night on the town, the other a night in your pajamas with headphones on laying in bed.

It’s a real toss up for me as to which I like the most; gut reaction says the original, but they are both good listens.

You can hit up Icky Blossoms on Facebook and pick up their self titled via Saddle Creek.

Connect with Ghost Loft via Facebook and grab the MP3 of the remix below on the Soundcloud player.



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