MP3: Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love (Prod. by RJF)

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Hoodie Allen is embarking on a country wide tour with G-Eazy in a couple of weeks, The Excellent Adventure Tour. Ahead of that, he continued his charitable ways by promising to release a brand new track last night if he reached a certain number of likes on a status update announcing the track on Facebook. I have to be honest…I’m no longer surprised at the numbers. This time it was 13,000 requested, currently at over 16,000 achieved. For “Hey Now” he requested 6,000 and got 12,000. Hoodie has seriously cultivated a rabid fan base via the web and these last two releases only further emphasis that fact.

Sampling the Rudimental (feat. John Newman) track “Feel The Love”, Hoodie’s says this his version “is very much a thank you to all the fans and sites for all the great things they have helped us achieve in the past year”. It seems like his intention is to close down the summer with this track, and the beat produces those feel good vibes. It’s interesting listening to the original, and hearing the beat after RJF got his hands on it. Gotta give him credit for including some Kid Rock in there as well…throwback!

The single artwork is pretty great too – definitely looks like everyone was having a great time at that show.

MP3: Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love (prod. by RJF)

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