MP3: Holy Esque – Tear

0 Posted by - 08/08/2012 - One Timer

I’ll be the first to admit Holy Esque has slipped off my radar a bit. I remember posting “Rose” a few months back, but in the deluge of other music they have since slipped my mind.

I checked up on my Soundcloud account and the stream of artists/labels I’ve followed covered my dashboard. Scanning through, I noticed there was a new track from Holy Esque titled “Tear”. It was like a dark part of my brain switched back on again.

“Tear” opens with hypnotic keys that are punctuated with ringing sounds, but the real headliner here is Pat Hynes vocals…he sounds like a man being broken down right into your head phones. I don’t and haven’t recently listened to anyone who sounds quite like him and for that reason alone Holy Esque is well worth your attention. When the band hits those roaring choruses and the guitars and keys intertwine and pulse through the speakers, it’s beautiful magic.

Download the track from the Soundcloud player and head over to Facebook to hang out with Holy Esque. You can also watch the video below.


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