MP3: Highlands – Railroad

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Highlands’ track “Railroad” has to be, at least at first blush, one of the harder/darker things I’ve published in some time. Labeled as shoegaze, I feel like it might reside somewhere between that and something with a little more edge. I’ve wrote about a fair bit of bands calling themselves shoegaze, but only one I can remember reached the desolate sounds that this track presents.

“Railroad” opens up by kicking you straight in the teeth, with squealing guitars that sound like sirens (hey! I like that!) and a crunchy riff underneath. This fades into the meat of the song which is a bit more muted and feels very lonely. The dreamy vocals glide in and out over a steady beat and a riff that reminds me of something off of U2’s Joshua Tree.

I swear, it really seems like this cut has an underlying venom. It’s pretty cool.

Highlands just released Singularity on 6/26, and “Railroad” is the first track of the seven song album. You can purchase it from Amazon for a pretty reasonable price ($6.23). You can also grab the MP3 of “Railroad” below.

Mp3: Highlands – Railroad

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