MP3: Heyrocco – Elsewhere

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elswhereLet’s be friends. That’s the greeting found on Charleston based Heyrocco’s Facebook page. Self described as dark pop, “Elsewhere” instead sounds quite sunny to my ears. The guitars are bright, the verses are delivered in a rapid and breathless style – really this track begs you to beat the drums on your steering wheel with the windows down. Maybe that’s more doable where you live in May instead of February, but Kentucky has had two straight days of near 60 degree weather. It was time for some sun.

Heyrocco appear to be a prolific group of dudes. Nathan, Christopher, and Tanner combined to put out COMFORT in April of last year, their first full length LP. “Elsewhere”, which is a brand new single not affiliated with the previous album, was released on January 22nd. IRC says this cut is “from a yet to be announced album supposedly planned for release this coming spring.”

When you pop “Elsewhere” on in that MP3 player of yours I want you to visualize joy. I’m not 100% sure that the lyrics espouse it, but the beat gets my cranium nodding and the warm sounds trick my senses into believing warm weather is here to stay.

“ELSEWHERE” MADE MY CHEEKS RED WHEN…I listened to it three times in a row and found it even more enjoyable than the first. If there’s a smell test in indie music blogging (and there is, everyone has one), I feel embarassed for needing to listen more than once. I believe I can move my conscience out of the way to keep this on repeat, however.

Be sure to pick up COMFORT for only $3.50 on the Heyrocco bandcamp!

MP3: Hey Rocco – Elsewhere

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