MP3: Grave Babies – Over And Under Ground

0 Posted by - 11/27/2012 - One Timer

For the squeamish, just disregard that album cover and keep reading.

Wait, what about the name? Well, the name is interesting right? The music is too, and that’s what you’re here for.

Grave Babies newest track “Over And Under Ground” feels and sounds like the hybrid of “Blank Generation”, one of those crazy chanting zombies in Resident Evil 4, and an old beat up Cutlass rolling down the road by your front porch with a kid dressed all in black riding shotgun. Sound weird? A little maybe. It’s very satisfying though.

Ultimately what you have here is a great melody masquerading as a grimy rock track, but the grit of “Over And Under Ground” seeps through those pop dressings.  The vocals are slow and stately, though they rise and echo, akin to a man trying fervently to emphasis a point without screaming, pastor-like in his intensity. The instrumentation jangles and jiggles right on through, attempting to burst out of whatever contraption the Grave Babies have trapped it in.

The band are releasing a new album, Crusher, next year and this is the first listen we have from that LP. Hardly Art is giving away a free copy of “Over And Under Ground”, you can download it via the player below. It’s an excellent track, give it a listen.

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