MP3: Gloss – Front Porch

0 Posted by - 05/14/2013 - One Timer

When I hear the words front porch, it definitely reminds me of home. Minneapolis’ Gloss likely grew up in a far different environment, but their track of the same name manages to capture those late night vibes of my moderately more reckless youth.

Gloss refers to nothing moving at 4 AM and staying awake to smoke one more cigarette, all above gently ringing guitars and a hushed tone that swallows you in comfort. It’s strange for me, calling a song ripe with reminiscence comforting, but it is in some strange way. Much like that 3 AM cab ride home after a great night out on the town with your closest friends, your emotions float between soaking in the last of the good vibes and the oncoming rush of wistful remembrance.

Gloss recently released a 7″ featuring “Front Porch” and “Ian’s Dream” – you can get it for free on their Bandcamp page. In the meantime, enjoy the stream/download of “Front Porch”.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: night time day dream rock

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