MP3: Ghost Loft – So High

0 Posted by - 04/04/2013 - One Timer

Seems like we’ve waited forever for a new Ghost Loft track. I’ve gotten great feedback on this dude and his music from here all the way to South Africa. Ghost Loft announced a while back that he’d be putting out a new track on the Kitsuné America 2 compilation. I don’t know a lot about that, but I am glad he put it out on his own early. Even better he made it a free download.

“So High” is an atmospheric reckoning – I imagine that’s kind of what Danny Choi was going for with this song title. It’s that drunk haze, high fuzz feeling personified. I wouldn’t characterize “So High” as nearly as catchy as “Seconds”, but it feels like a stronger track throughout. This track is a little more mature in the production and the vocals are as soothing as always. It’s very textured and Ghost Loft seems to be coming to grip with his own potential and harnessing it in a spectacular manner.

I wonder what we’ve gotta do to make this dude put out some more tracks in short order? Do I need to beg?

I’M HOLDING ON TO WHAT I CAN’T HAVE…which is a new Ghost Loft track. It’s here and it’s great. I just hope the wait for the next new track isn’t as interminable as the last one. When you’re dealing with a small handful of songs to rotate through, even a few months seems like an age.

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