MP3: Gauntlet Hair – Righteous Black

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“Righteous Black” really sounds like what would happen if you put Black Sabbath in a blender with fog, hallucinogens, and a jack-o-lantern. I’m not even sure what you would describe this is. Generally it’s like yadda yadda, good track, feels good man. This one though…it’s like a balled fist punching you in the ear. The percussion is warlike and the vocals range from out there to gorgeous. It has that dream like quality that previous Gauntlet Hair tracks I’ve heard have possessed, but this is no dream I’d like to be in.

“Righteous Black” definitely does not feel good, so don’t even start down that path. It was made for dimly lit rooms and crescent moon nights. I’m not even sure if I like it, or if I’m just in awe of the brooding power of Gauntlet Hair. All I can say is I’ve listened to it plenty and I’m about to bite the head off of a bat.

The track is part of the Adult Swim Singles Series for 2012. You can check out more tracks from the series here on Adult Swim. They are all free downloads.

MP3: Gauntlet Hair – Righteous Black

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