MP3: G-Eazy – Lady Killers (feat. Hoodie Allen)

0 Posted by - 09/13/2012 - One Timer

I’ve been waiting a while to hear this collaboration. Honestly, I didn’t know if I ever would. G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen together sounds like a great thing on the surface, but I honestly never knew if these dudes were cool or not. Earlier this summer though, Hoodie announced he was heading on tour with G-Eazy, so I suppose I got my answer.

A lot of folks have been eagerly scouring the net this morning for the leak of Cruel Summer, which apparently fell into the hands of interweb pirates yesterday evening. However, after seeing G-Eazy’s announcement that he was dropping a song and that it also included some rhymes from Hoodie Allen, this is what I was looking forward to most today.

“Lady Killers” is the closest I’ve heard G-Eazy get to my favorite track of his, “Make-Up Sex”. This track has the same kind of feel, and the subject matter is similar as well. “Lady Killers” is these two dudes’ ode to tour life and all the girls they encounter on the road. The beat is completely feel good, with light keys and a sunny sound. I dig it, and the hook is pretty good though it is very silly.

G-Eazy’s Must Be Nice drops on September 26th and “Lady Killers (feat. Hoodie Allen)” will be included. Grab the track for free via the Soundcloud player below.


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