MP3: Fantasy Island – Evergreen

0 Posted by - 08/03/2012 - One Timer

After reading about these dudes on I Guess I’m Floating and listening to them several times…I have to second that blogger’s humble opine. I can’t say I’ve been hearing anything else quite like Fantasy Island.

Take this track “Evergreen” for example. It has so many shifts and movements within it this thing is practically an onion. You can just keep peeling and peeling. The intro is melodic and stately, but that is quickly washed away in a cascade of keys that reminds me of a jaunt through a dark forest…an evergreen wood, maybe? The song continues to shift back and forth almost like two separate tracks spliced into one, yet somehow managing to maintain the thread that holds it all together.

The ending crescendo is big movie reveal kind of monstrous; it roars to life from bleeps and blips and into this symphonic (maybe synthphonic?) beast.

You can find out which island is Fantasy Island on Facebook. Grab the track from the Soundcloud player.


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