MP3: Fantasmas – No Soul

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staticSo I got a track from Fantasmas in my inbox and my immediate reaction was somewhere between “What kind of name is that?” and “I gotta see what this thing says.” That’s pretty much the extent of information I have on this band. There was a two sentence introduction in the release, which stated the band was “a BK-based 4-piece mixing influences from our teenage years spent in Washington DC’s punk scene, Fugazi/Q And Not U/Black Eyes, and more recent no-wave New York days of Sonic Youth.”

They are also apparently managed by former Yankees manager Joe Torre, or his name doppelganger.

“No Soul” is the second of a two-track 7″ release by the band. When I first heard it, it reminded me of a train chugging to life on the tracks. An old train, rusted, well worn, but still capable of pounding those rails. I guess you can say “No Soul” has a bit of vintage punk sound baked into it’s three minute crust. For my taste though, what really drew me to the track was my love of garage rock in general and the way Fantasmas have embraced and embellished that gritty “lo-fi” sound.

“No Soul” sounds like it could’ve been recorded on my old 8-track, or played back through a cassette deck. You’re not gonna find mind stirring lyricism here, just simple, visceral music that I feel we have gotten away from for too long.

I KNEW IT WAS SUPREME WHEN…: …the track began. The buildup had me hooked right from second one. Future anonymous music submissions, take note.

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