MP3: Eternal Summers – You Kill

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Eternal Summers is a local band for me and also not one, at the same time. Strange statement, you say? Well, I spent the first 20 years of my life in a small one horse town an hour or two away from a couple “bigger” towns. One was Roanoke, VA – that’s where Eternal Summers is from. They are the only “local” band I’ve ever known that isn’t in the country music spectrum to have national recognition. I don’t actually live there anymore, but they are still only a handful of hours away.

“You Kill” is beautiful pop rock, plain and simple. The vocals are obviously noteworthy from the start, and the band itself sounds extremely tight on this track. It’s indie rock at it’s core, but it also sheds the stereotype of that exterior a bit.

The industrial hum of the guitar waiting in the wings in the verses makes for an interesting dynamic and the drumming here is second to none, combining together to prove once again that a beat doesn’t have to be complicated. When it sounds like you’re giving it your all and actually enjoying it…that sound being produced makes the listener wanna bob their head or stomp their feet in rhythm.

Eternal Summers are dropping a brand new album tomorrow titled Correct Behavior. You can find it at many fine retailers, and you can also stream it right now on Hype Machine.

Download “You Kill” below and check out Eternal Summers on Facebook.

MP3: Eternal Summers – You Kill

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