MP3: Early Attic – Vault

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vaultI’ll admit to being a bit rusty at times on previous submissions by bands or artists featured on Sirens. That goes with the territory I suppose. I’m getting older, for one, and then there’s the fact that the blog gets more and more submissions each month. Those two things lead to me getting hazy with the exact makeup of older tracks. I endeavor to head back and re-listen to previous music, but occasionally I am unable to do so and must go off my gut. Sometimes though, I make time.

Early Attic are from Buffalo. Their brand of funk is electro-rock layered with a healthy dose of pop sensibility. They are quite good at what they do. They pretty much have to be, because if it weren’t for great bands like Early Attic in the Buffalo area, I don’t know what all the Bills and Sabres fans would do for entertainment. Ryan Fitzpatrick, anyone? No? I didn’t think so.

So, Early Attic craft these ridiculously catchy pop gems on the regular and I’ve covered a few of them. There was the seamlessly crafted (and brilliant) “Shadow”, as well as the fittingly autumnal track “Patterns” which they delivered last October. All of this was leading up to the release of Parallels, which still hasn’t seen the light of day, nor the inside of my iPhone.

A shame, that, but worry not! “Vault” is here to tide you over. I was shocked when I first heard the intro. This is the meatiest beat I have heard from the electro-rockers. Delving deeper into the track, it seems Early Attic took the things that made them special (seamless weaving of rock + synth, excellent vocals, great hooks) and this is their heroic attempt to create a superbeast.

“Vault” is anthemic, almost triumphant, with Matt McCheskey’s vocals absolutely ringing out of my headphones. Nevermind the beat, nevermind the beautiful electronics and that brightly toned riff that rips through the final chorus – here, right here, is one of the best hooks I’ve heard in 2013. I don’t know what the hell McCheskey is saying (“now I’m in charge”, maybe?), but by all that is good in this world it has four syllables and I can belt it out along with him just like I used to mangle “Blinded By The Light”.

Yeah, you know what lyric I’m talking about. Right guys?

FELT LIKE I WAS IN CHARGE WHEN…Early Attic told me I was. Or said they were but it was me saying I was because I was singing along. Tongue twister. Do yourself a favor and download this track.

I’ll get in touch with the band and find out where in the hell Parallels was lost and see if we can get some search and rescue going. We need that album. Download the “MP3” of Vault via the player below.


  • Kim Slama 03/12/2013 - 8:45 PM

    Buffalo sounds good to me right now!

  • Jason Harrison 03/13/2013 - 6:28 PM

    If I were me and I could attend a few shows there, yes! If I’m Ryan Fitzpatrick today…probably not!