MP3: Earl Boykins – Leggy Blondes

1 Posted by - 03/07/2014 - One Timer

Is it time for the weekend? It is. Jump start your own swirl of weekend fun (or chaos) with Earl Boykins, the 5-foot-5 guard out of Eastern Michigan. He can jump like nobody’s business, and reportedly bench press 315 pounds even though he only weighs a buck thirty. Then again, he’s retired. We’re talking about the New York band influenced by Bruce Springsteen’s sweat (and Earl Boykins, obviously), not the former NBA player.

“Leggy Blondes” packs on a minute long intro of primal pulse-racing intensity, building and boiling over before the vox kick in. Maybe put it first on your playlist next time you go jog? You could also use it as background music when you’re fleeing in a high speed chase. I’ll be honest, I can make out nary a word of the lyrics, but that’s a trivial complaint. The vigor with which Earl Boykins attacks their instruments (and vocals) in “Leggy Blondes” is quite complementary to a certain 5’5 journeyman. I would normally say it’s a take no prisoners approach, but it’s more like Earl Boykins never cared about the prisoners to begin with and went straight for the heart.

This track is part of the Friends LP that’s dropping on March 25th. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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