MP3: Dream Brother – Islands

0 Posted by - 07/19/2012 - One Timer

I can’t even remember how I stumbled on to Dream Brother earlier this year. Suffice to say I did through some blog or the other and I was greatly impressed. “Haunted Heart” hit in January, if I’m not mistaken, and it had some sunshine laden guitars that hit the spot in the middle of coldest month. This isn’t to say it was a sunny rocker, it was just a bit lighter sounding than the weather…

Anything lighter than the weather is a winner.

Just a bit back Dream Brother released “Islands” and “More Islands”, another two part single release that I’ve been rotating in my playlist.

“Islands” is the quintessential “getting there” track. It’s the sound you start a trip to, overcome an obstacle with, or just belt out in the middle of the freeway while driving at a high rate of speed. It hovers right on the edge of breaking loose, lets the emotions swell, and then the synth kicks in and the dam breaks.

Then, just when you thought it was over you have “More Islands” which introduces a little bit of oomph into the equation. It’s truly a B-side to “Islands” in every way – it’s almost like a continuation, however, that’s not to say it’s an inferior track. I’ve really been back and forth on which I prefer more. Where “Islands” chugs and builds, “More Islands” overpowers from the get-go with the tried and true quiet verse loud chorus.

The two tracks make a killer combination. Check them out and download them below. You can also get in touch with Dream Brother via Facebook.

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