MP3: Diane Coffee – Tale of a Dead Dog

0 Posted by - 09/10/2013 - One Timer

While certainly not the most inspiring of titles, I’ll give you, Diane Coffee (aka Foxygen’s Shaun Fleming) didn’t go the route of, say, death metal like you might expect from a precursory glance. No, this new single off of My Friend Fish continues the journey I was so excited about when I first heard “Hymn” and fell in love. The delirium that was so intoxicating in “Hymn” has given way to a foggy remembrance on “Tale of a Dead Dog”, bringing you deeper into Fleming’s strange ode to East Coast life.

There’s no reckless breakdown to provide that cathartic release on “Tale of a Dead Dog”. The cut remains a simple, yet beautiful ode to some kind of haze filled metaphor that eludes my grasp. It could also be about a dog, you never know.

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