MP3: Deep Time – Clouds

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Yellow Fever is now Deep Time and their self titled album is making the rounds. I have heard a couple of tracks but my favorite by far is “Clouds” which (for some inexplicable reason) reminds me of James Bond and insane car chases. The track has one of those melodies that you catch yourself humming along to pretty quickly and Jennifer Moore seems to flow over this one as well as any rapper.

As I listen to “Clouds” I feel like the song is about leaving and coming back – kind of like the band themselves…but then it also seems like it’s about three or four different things. There’s the reference “you got bigger while I was away” which could be about a million things, even a derogatory comment to a partner.

I don’t generally do so well with determining what a song’s meaning is; I do feel I have a knack for determining what is good music. This Yellow Fever Deep Time track should find it’s way into your mix no problem.

You can catch yellow fever by following Deep Time on Facebook.

MP3: Deep Time – Clouds

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