MP3: David Shane Smith – Pretty

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David Shane Smith must think he is Lil’ Wayne and it’s 2008 all over again – there’s no other way for me to explain the massive amount of output this man generates. There is one difference (ok, many!)…instead of mixtapes, Smith creates tracks that skirt the edge of your conscience and consciousness. His music isn’t necessarily meant for you to bob your head to, but he always seems to find a way to make it do just that if you’re willing to give him the time.

He recently released Snake V Owl, and it’s final track “Pretty” is what I’m delivering here this morning. If you’ve frequented Sirens you’ll remember me talking about him several times. If not, I suggest you hit up DSS 101 with “Global Warming Makes Me Hot (feat. Ice Truck)” and “Actor”, then move on to the main course of “Additives” (featuring an unauthorized cameo by Mr. Batman himself, Christian Bale). Take dry, then apply profusely to your iTunes, iPods, or Zunes if you are into masochism. Caught up now? Yay!

There’s a war between your good side and your other good side, and your other good side, and…

“Pretty” is one of the most poppy sounding David Shane Smith tracks I’ve heard. The club like pulse of the intro fades into David’s reverb washed vocals over a thumping beat, delivering the chorus I penned above. David has this uncanny ability to create noise in his music – background atmosphere that makes you feel exactly what he wants you to feel. That club like pulse makes you feel like you’re there. David’s vocals weave in and out, like your vision when you’ve drunk a few too many.

And the beat keeps pulsing along, losing you in it.

I have no clue what “Pretty” is about…this is a regular occurrence for me on most of Smith’s tracks. That’s part of the fun – intentionally or not, he makes me think. If I took a stab, I’d say my guess about the club setting would be close. We all know about the war between your good side and your other (good?) side there, right? Right.

Regardless, you need to head to David’s Bandcamp and pick up your free copy of Snake V Owl. You can also get up with him on Facebook.

MP3: David Shane Smith – Pretty

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