MP3: David Shane Smith – Additives

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There are some artists who just have a knack for putting things together that either: A) you wouldn’t have thought of – such as the originator of the PBJ or the BLT, or B) that shouldn’t go together but somehow strangely fit. This would happen to be the case with our friend David Shane Smith in his collaboration with Christian Bale, whom some of you may know as Batman, on his newest track “Additives”.

Christian Bale recounts his famous tirade to open the track, and David Shane Smith delivers his rapid fire rap styled vocals over a grimy ass electronic mash of goodness. If you’ve not heard David before, you might start listening and ask yourself…what the fuck? This isn’t much like what you post here, Sirens. Well, that’s kind of the point.

When David delivers lyrics like

Belly up out on the beach, time for another happy hour I reach into the trash compactor, well composed and in control, in control like thought patrol

all devil may care and then fades into the white noise longing of the chorus it’s hard to deny the man’s got some interesting things to say. And once you dive in, it’s kind of like sticking that needle in your vein the first time. You dig through the DSS back catalog looking for another fix, wondering what kind of strange you might find…or maybe you just wonder if you’re the strange one.

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MP3: David Shane Smith – Additives

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