MP3: Crystal Swells – Harsh Flux

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Want lo-fi crunch combined with some blistering guitar that rises above the chaos and confusion clear as a bell? You’ve got Crystal Swells new track “Harsh Flux”, off the HarshSide/SludgeFreaks 7″. It’s two wild minutes of a mad man chasing you through a corn field…okay, okay. I’ll pretend to give no explanation for what the song is ACTUALLY about, however, it IS that hectic.

What’s even more crazy is that although I’ve seemingly described Crystal Swells as some lo-fi grunge extraordinaire, the truth is they are in the same beautiful surf pop plus all that grime vein as one of my other favorites, Dirty Beaches.

If Alex Zhang Hungtai had a full band, a little less time on his hands, and was a bit more interested in playing music with wild abandon, he might’ve called himself Crystal Swells. Thankfully for me, they both exist in my library as separate entities.

You can pick up HarshSide/SludgeFreaks 7″ here for free via Bandcamp (or purchase some nicely colored vinyl for cheap!), and head over and like these guys on Facebook. They are great.

MP3: Crystal Swells – Harsh Flux

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