MP3: Crocodiles – Endless Flowers

0 Posted by - 07/19/2012 - One Timer

When I think of crocodiles, it’s typically in the “don’t get in the water” where there may be some…the other day my Facebook feed delivered me a different form of the scaled reptile, however. This one makes summery pop tracks to swoon over and put on repeat.

“Endless Flowers” is nostalgia coated, fuzzy, dreamy, and a few other things that I’m sure you’ve heard on this blog a time or three.

They are also apparently pretty tongue in cheek, as evidenced by the video for this track which is creepy stalker to the max.

That Crocodiles tattoo that the stalker/protagonist/antagonist carves into her arm is absolutely brutal looking.

Hopefully no arms were harmed in the making of this video. How ironic for a song by a band called Crocodiles.

MP3: Crocodiles – Endless Flowers


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