MP3: Citroën – Terminal Bliss

0 Posted by - 03/27/2013 - One Timer

citroenThis Minneapolis music scene is relentless.

I heard from another band in the city by the name of Citroën. They described themselves as making “dark but danceable rock and roll that’s not afraid to push a few boundaries and shake a few hips.” That translates roughly to what the layman term of “synth rock”. I know there are lots of different styles of “synth rock”, but ultimately it’s easier for me to use the broad generalization of the sound than bumble the precise niche.

When it comes to sounding dark, I’m not sure that’s the exact word I’d use to describe Citroën. “Terminal Bliss” is a sweaty club jam combined with an ice cold beer. Feels good man. There’s just enough rock in there for you to sink your teeth into, layered smartly in the gorgeous murk and soot of the track. The trio seem to know the perfect time to hammer down and pull off with the various aspects of their sound.

My favorite quality showcased in “Terminal Bliss” is the patience brilliance shown by the band. I’ve called tracks “slow burn” or “growers” or what have you before. This particular cut takes it’s time, building and building to an explosion of sound that coincides with the propulsion of your feet.

“Terminal Bliss” is taken from the band’s debut EP, Anachronaut, which features three other pretty sweet tracks. You can download it for free on the Citroën bandcamp. You can stream this track or hit download below to grab it by itself.

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