MP3: Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields Remix)

0 Posted by - 08/07/2013 - One Timer

Why not? It’s been a hell of a day for awesome new music here on Sirens, so why not break some more unwritten rules and post another remix as a one timer? I was perusing the e-mail I got from the folks behind Chela, which lead me to her Soundcloud and this gem of a description: “Chela is the latest and greatest one man woman to emerge from the bleak, black backstreets of Armadale, Wadonga.” Interesting. She’s dropping an EP with Kitsuné featuring “Romanticise” and several remixes of the single…and for once it seems we’ve got the remix before the single.

No worries though, it’s pretty great. Gold Fields did this one up and if you don’t enjoy it I’ll give your money back…but you didn’t give me any money, so maybe I’ll spend four minutes of my life listening to a song of your choice in repayment. Then again, you’ll probably love it.

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