MP3: Carroll – TeaBags

0 Posted by - 02/18/2013 - One Timer

coverThink the smooth R&B sounds of The Neighbourhood, remove the ominous tones, turn the chill up to 10, and throw in the hip-hop and you have Carroll’s wonderful track “TeaBags”. No, it’s not the same teabagging you’re thinking of, I assure you.

Carroll are a Brooklyn based hip-hop group (Gowanus actually – like our friends in Lightouts) who released a six track EP a while back and had it remastered recently by Joe Lambert. I would love to give you more info, but I literally received an e-mail from the group that consisted of only the link to the Carroll bandcamp page and this EP. This could mean Carroll don’t have a lot to say. After listening to the entire EP a few times, I have to say it probably means they want to let it speak for itself.

You can grab the entire EP for free here at Bandcamp. Also, no e-mail required.

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