MP3: Captions. – Bearfight

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As I sit here feeling down and dejected from the Capitals round two exit of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I figured I’d shift the focus to the left coast and LA (by way of Ventura) based Captions and their track “Bearfight”.

I actually found this track via the awesome Buzzbands.LA, which I check pretty regularly.

Writing about this LA band is appropriate for two reasons: one, it’s a great track and it fits just right into the Sirens rock niche, and the second is I’m gonna throw my hockey support behind the LA Kings and Kopitar and Quick to take the Cup this year. So why not an LA track, right? Right.

There’s is nothing like a great rock track washed out in reverb – “Bearfight” has reverb laced vocals, even some delicious call and respond moments, and a jangly rhythm that has a bit of that dancing-in-the-rear-view-mirror feel. The track brings back the smile you have on a lazy summer day. Enjoy it.

You can find Captions on Facebook.

MP3: Captions. – Bearfights

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