MP3: Bronx Cheerleader – Camelot

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It’s no real secret that I probably have a bit more nerd in me than the average music blogger. I guess you’ll have that, every now and then. So as usual I’m trolling Bandcamp looking for something to spice up the day and I come across a band called Bronx Cheerleader.

Just going by the band name, I’m only certain of a few things: they are obviously not a hip-hop group, they probably have a sense of humor, and their album artwork for Real Punks Don’t Sing About Girls reminds me of the classic Obama poster crossed with Star Wars and some Nosferatu looking dude…in short, what the hell, I’ll give ’em a listen! Then I see there’s a track named “Camelot” and I zero in on that mug like a vulture.

“Camelot” is nice in the headphones, real nice. The rhythm has this echoing quality that washes over your brain; it’s a bit hypnotic and the vocals compliment it perfectly. My oldest son (right at 22 months) bobs his head to the music – it’s something his mother taught him to do, and I take his groovin’ as the Sirens’ seal of approval. This track just drives and drives; give it a consecutive listen or two and see if it doesn’t catch you.

You can find Bronx Cheerleader on Facebook and purchase Real Punks Don’t Sing About Girls via iTunes.

MP3: Bronx Cheerleader – Camelot

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