MP3: Borrowed Beams Of Light – On The Wings Of A Bug

0 Posted by - 11/27/2013 - One Timer

Hibernator Gigs, home to two of the more interesting artists I’ve uncovered in my interweb travels, released Borrowed Beams Of Light’s latest record a while back. I missed it. Too busy, I was, or too ignorant. Excuses are like opinions, and opinions are very similar to a certain part of human anatomy, if you take my meaning. Whatever it was that was keeping me away, I should’ve made some time.

“On The Wings Of A Bug” is as candidly quirky as anything else you might expect from the Borrowed Beams, what with it’s short X-Files intro segue into a dainty little rhythm and sunny sounding vocals. There’s some inherent joy in this track, like a child at play with something he doesn’t understand. When it turns out its okay – even fun – its smiles all around and the feeling is infectious.

When I consider the long list of things that might be interesting to experience, flying on the wings of a bug might have to make it in there somewhere. Maybe in the top 75? I mean, it would require me to touch a bug…I don’t know about all of that. The last bug I wanted to touch was Bono The Fly on U2’s Zoo TV Tour and that was what, 1992-93? (ed. note: I was seven.)

Saunter your behind to Bandcamp and grab a copy of the album On The Wings Of A Bug, which is as sweet as the song but longer and therefore more sustainable. Sustainability is good, folks.

By the way, major <3 to that album art, Thomas Dean.

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