MP3: Borrowed Beams of Light – Blood Choir & Wing Stroke

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I’d never heard Borrowed Beams of Light until listening to a couple of tracks earlier today. Needless to say, they caught my ear. The intro of “Blood Choir” delivers the rising sound of summery blues; it rears it’s head throughout the track between double verses as well as in the solo.

The muted sounds found in the verses themselves mesh so well with the vocals, it’s kind of a Jekyll and Hyde track. Where the guitar soars and crunches to reel in the hook, these verses are so soft and tender they could be a lullaby. It really reminds me of some of the great rock of the early 90’s – you know, before guitars flew into overdrive with distortion for a few years there.

“Blood Choir” seems introspective, yet it also feels like something of an exercise in getting it out. I don’t claim to know the meaning of any track, so I will say this; sometimes it really doesn’t matter. It’s just well crafted, and it sounds really good.

After a cursory listen to the rest of Hot Springs, this 6 track EP is shaping up pretty nicely. As a dude who does this kind of thing simply as a hobby, receiving music of this caliber for simply running off at the mouth about things I like on a regular basis is definitely a highlight of life.

For instance, a more interesting approach is taken by the band in “Wing Stroke”. It could easily find it’s away into Indie Band Y’s catalog as a one-off one hit wonder – the kind you see on the Hype Machine and listen to endlessly in a playlist…only to find that you never hear anything approaching that level of creativity from the band again.

The structure of the song is so different compared to the more straightforward “Blood Choir” that you might wonder if it was the same band…but it is. It’s all still there in the fabric of the song. The high, sardonic vocals coupled in the verse with those jangly guitars, juxtaposed with the smoothness of the guitar work and vocals in the “chorus”…this track has to easily be one of the most interesting listens you’ve come across in recent memory. It’s a breath of fresh of air.

Borrowed Beams of Light are from Charlottesville, which, while not exactly a stone’s throw away is fairly local. I’m ashamed to have only heard of them today. Hopefully you’ve heard of them before…if not, you’re on notice.

The band is releasing Hot Springs which you can pre-order (in a limited run of 333) through Funny/Not Funny Records. For ten bucks you get the digital download of Hot Springs as well as all 6 tracks on 12″ vinyl. Pretty good deal.  As an aside, whoever did the album cover – props. It looks great.

You can also connect with Borrowed Beams of Light on Facebook, or catch them in Charlottesville on 7/31 @ Jefferson Theater.

MP3: Borrowed Beams of Light – Wing Stroke

MP3: Borrowed Beams of Light – Blood Choir

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