MP3: Blankus Larry – I Am A Heatseeker

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Blankus Larry is a duo (or maybe not, there’s a lot of Larrys listed on their Facebook) from Washington, DC that play psychedelic rock ‘n roll. It’s not refined gems of sonic goodness that’s their hallmark, oh no. These songs sound a little dirty, kind of like someone recorded them playing in a bar and posted up some MP3s. Don’t worry, you can clean your shoes off later.

What the hell is a Blankus Larry? I have no clue. The two folks refer to themselves as Bloody Larry (drums) and Durdy Larry (all the other stuff). My dad’s name is Larry, I wonder if he’s a secret third member? I’d say not. These dudes are definitely a touch wilder than he was, even in his younger days.

I’d honestly feel like I was being duped if it weren’t for the pretty stellar music. A band name Blankus Larry with an album named Hell or High Larry, with members named as they are…it looks like the most epic music blog troll of all time. Maybe it is. But they did a good job with the music.

“I Am A Heatseeker” is the funnest track of the album and probably the most accessible. You like rock, you’ll find a spot in your playlist/rotation for this track. It’s surprisingly catchy and the minimum + maximum sound the band creates is a perfect backdrop. “Fall Forever Intha Sun” is another great track, though you’ll find it more of a grower than a shower.

Download the entirety of Hell or High Larry on Bandcamp. Download or stream “Heatseeker” and “Fall Forever Intha Sun” below.

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