MP3: Black Tooth – Birds of Paradise

0 Posted by - 04/09/2013 - One Timer

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from an artist called Black Tooth. “Birds of Paradise” definitely wasn’t on my short list of expected sounds. Bass heavy, brooding, and breathless, Black Tooth’s new single is part atmosphere and part midnight at the new moon.

I went in fully prepared to cast the track off as something not for me, but I have found myself strangely drawn to it. I feel like my musical tastes are shifting or expanding a bit, particularly over the beginning of this new year. I’ve probably posted more electronic music in the last four months than in the previous eight. Part of that is due to more frequent updates, but it’s also because I just keep receiving great tracks from electronic acts of which there seems to be an abundance.

FLY SO HIGH, FEEL SO LOW…or you might feel a little menaced, or relaxed, or even a touch more thoughtful after your listen to this Black Tooth track. Download your copy of “Birds of Paradise” below.

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