MP3: Black Marble – A Great Design

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Would you be surprised if I told you this was yet another Brooklyn band? Oh yeah! We’ve pierced your ears with Black Marble before and it was good. Now these dudes are putting out a new album, A Different Arrangement, and it’s landing on October 9th.

The first single, “A Great Design” is a freezer box of pop musings. This is not the track you’re gonna wanna play with windows down, but it would make a damn nice fit for writing or reading a book, as well as brooding on your bed. Given three listens of this track, you’ll have

and they tell me we don’t have a long time, a great design

plastered in your brain. The piano and synth work create an atmosphere of happy hopelessness, while leaving the vocals at the forefront and ready to enter your ear and melt all around. Just three listens and you’ll be hooked.

Black Marble have staked a claim to a spot on Facebook. You can get up to minute updates about this sure-to-be-awesome LP there.

MP3: Black Marble – A Great Design

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