MP3: Atoms Apart – Planetarium

0 Posted by - 10/17/2012 - One Timer

Rounding out the day with a bit more electronic goodness, I thought maybe you’d like to check out the digital fun contained in “Planetarium”. The sing-songy synthesizers remind me of great childhood times playing my NES and SNES, and Atoms Apart does a pretty bang up job delivering a reason to keep your ears tuned in with catchy vox and a beat that alternates from whimsical to driving.

For my money though, it’s all about those lovely digi-dance sounds. I don’t know if I leveled up or found out the princess is in another castle…maybe I’ll just say I heard a great song and we’ll leave it at that.

You can download a six track demo from Atoms Apart on Bandcamp and find them closer than you might think on Facebook.

MP3: Atoms Apart – Planetarium

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