MP3: Astronauts, etc. – You Can Yell

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I’ll begin by saying that Astronauts, etc. needs to be heard. “Mystery Colors” was a diamond in the rough, and “You Can Yell” is a gleaming gem just lying right there in the stream. It’s only fitting we get this track shortly after the death of one of our greatest American heroes, Neil Armstrong.

Coincidentally, everything about the track is lovely.

The instrumentals in this thing swoon and swell and really magnify the vocals, making them feel warmer than maybe they have a right to be…it’s just excellence in song crafting. “You Can Yell” won’t make you feel the 90 degree weather outside; this track is more apt to prepare you for football, falling leaves and those 60 degree days with a gentle breeze.

Anthony Ferraro’s first EP Supermelodic Pulp will be out on September 8th. Hit up Astronauts, etc. on Facebook.

MP3: Astronauts, etc. – You Can Yell

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