MP3: Astronauts, etc. – Sadie

0 Posted by - 06/15/2013 - One Timer

During my sabbatical Astronauts, Etc. released a new track titled “sadie”. Immediate impression leads me to compare it with “Sideswiped”, but not in the way you’d expect. I mainly bring up “Sideswiped” to detail the differences.

Anthony Ferraro seems to be a much varied artist and producer, at least when it comes to pinning down a certain sound or style for his project. “Sideswiped” was easily the most pop track he had done; recognizable chorus, beautiful atmosphere…really, it was the perfect wedding of his sound and a greater degree of accessibility. “sadie” is basically the bridge between the musical ambience and the tangible pop framing of that track. It lies in the middle; you can sense a little of both, but it’s definitely not as immediately fetching on the pop front. It does have it’s own draws though, particularly the thick, funky chords that line the bulk of the track..

All this to say, Astronauts, etc. has a particular sound but it ranges wide and varies beautifully. You’ll not be disappointed by “sadie” – it’s something of a missing link.

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