MP3: Astronauts, etc. – Mystery Colors

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Warbling in and out in a wave of soothing sounds and crooning vox, “Mystery Colors” is the very first and only track I have heard from Anthony Ferraro – the man behind Astronauts, etc. It’s also the first track off of his debut EP, Supermelodic Pulp, which will be out on September the 8th.

Astronauts, etc. labels itself as “dreampop” instead of electronic and it only takes a few seconds of listening for you to see why. The drums that are piped in provide an excellent metronome for the beautiful sounds of the aforementioned organ and the occasional change up from the backing percussion.

Anthony Ferraro/Astronauts, etc. were actually recommended to me via Trails And Ways in an interview…the funny thing about this is that I actually received this track in my inbox two days before the interview was posted. Coincidence or providence? It saved me some searching, I suppose, but this track would have been well worth having to hunt it down.

I’m definitely interested in hearing more when Supermelodic Pulp hits next month. Be sure to watch the video for “Mystery Colors” below.

You can find Astronauts, etc. on Facebook near an asteroid belt.

MP3: Astronauts, etc – Mystery Colors


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